Sakwatel LDA



Sakwatel, a prominent professional services company headquartered in Angola, extends its expertise to the United States, establishing a strong presence in the realm of information technology, telecommunications, and complex projects. 

Collaborating with global partners, Sakwatel guides clients through the entire spectrum of infrastructure projects, from conceptualization to final construction.

Committed to excellence, Sakwatel provides top-tier products, robust after-sales service, and technical support. As a market leader in Angola, West Africa, and now the United States, we excel in supplying wireless equipment, including Microware Radio, Wi-Fi, and Satellite solutions. 

Our active engagement in site surveys and Proof of Concept (POC) demonstrations ensures a local operational presence and dedicated team support for maintenance operations.

Sakwatel proudly serves as an authorized distributor for esteemed brands such as MIMOSA, RADWIN, ALTAI, AVIAT, CAMBIUM, and various other wireless products. 


Our comprehensive portfolio spans Microwave Radio, Wi-Fi, and Satellite solutions, covering Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint configurations, licensed and unlicensed bands, RF Transmitters, and antennas.

Expanding our reach to the United States, Sakwatel also offers a diverse range of services in alternative power solutions.


Addressing needs beyond the national power grid, we cater to UPS/Inverter systems, batteries, and backup requirements. 


Our service offerings align precisely with customer expectations and specifications, providing end-to-end system deployment from groundwork to final handover. Sakwatel delivers seamless and reliable solutions, ensuring the success of our clients’ projects both in Angola and the United States.



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