Sakwatel LDA


Our Services

At Sakwatel, our Managed Services empower customers to expand their networks with our unwavering commitment across various stages, encompassing Planning and Design, Supply, Installation, and comprehensive After-Sales Support Services.

In addition to these offerings, we proudly provide a wide range of services in the power sector, addressing needs beyond the national power grid. 

From UPS/Inverter solutions to batteries and all backup system requirements, Sakwatel’s service offering is meticulously tailored to meet customer expectations and specifications. 

This includes the seamless deployment of full turnkey systems, spanning from groundwork to the final handover, ensuring a holistic and successful project delivery.

Furthermore, Sakwatel is pleased to announce our collaboration with Avanti and Freedom Sat, enhancing our services with the supply of cutting-edge solutions. 

This partnership allows us to provide an even broader spectrum of services, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest technologies and innovations in the field.